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Salomon Kalmanovitz

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Current Position

With top honours and credentials to his name, Salomon Kalmanovitz is a name to bank on.

Academic Experience

Combining the knowledge from top fields and industries would be the apt description of the aspect of academic experience.


Understanding the economy and looking into aspects that run this country are a top criteria like never before.

Kalmanovitz Intellectual Autobiography

With insights and top factors from life, this autobiography tends to stand as an experimental tale about the life and happenings of an extraordinary individual.


Different perspectives bring about actual happenings and take matters into an extent that tends to produce the right set of results.

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Howard M. Schneider
“Never have I experienced the flow of knowledge to a large extent and shall place these aspects with high regard”.

— Howard M. Schneider

Latest Articles

9 Personality Types of Entrepreneurs

If you have plans of becoming an entrepreneur, it is really important to know which kind of entrepreneur you are to lead your business the right way. Otherwise, you can face the difficulties which you are not prepared for. These 9 types of entrepreneur personality types will help you find the one you can relate to so you can become a better entrepreneur. Choose the businesses which match your personality to make the most out of your business. Click here

The improver

An improver thinks beyond his personal requirements and even overlooks the demands of his or her community. An improver aims to solve world problems and create a much more advanced world with noble causes and new innovative products and services. Improved practice high integrity and ethics in their businesses.

The advisor

The advisorAdvisor visions to suggest better solutions to society with the right advice and improved assistance.  But they never enforce their needs over their customers and always keep their customers above their ideas. They must do everything to please their customers and only work to assist the customers. To know more about the different types of advisors, click here to read.

The superstar

Superstar CEOs build their brands around their own image in the society. They use their charisma and high energy to create the image for their brand. This type of entrepreneurs can be too much hardworking and competitive at times as they do not want to spoil their own image.

The artists

Artists entrepreneurs have the right imagination and creativity to build a powerful brand, but they prefer to not take much credit for their work. Click this link to know their reasons behind this. They are more reserved and often indulge in businesses which involve them to work while being away from the limelight. They may be sensitive towards their reviews but use the feedback in constructive ways.

The visionary

The visionaryThese entrepreneurs look at future possibilities and try to find out the needs which are hard to predict. It depends on the vision and thoughts of the founder of the business. The visionaries have a curious mind to look at the details to find something new in the world around them while being mostly cut off from reality.

The analyst

Analyst always look at a problem is a rational way and find a systematic solution for it. Most of the businesses from an analyst are based on science, engineering, and computer technologies. They look forward to finding the right solutions for the problems and take pride in doing it.

The analystThe fireball

The most optimistic entrepreneurs are the fireballs. They are optimistic about their company and keep everyone’s motivations high even during tough times. The employes under fireballs enjoy their work and do not feel pressurized in any condition.

The hero

The heroes face the toughest challenges and become the leaders of the world. They have an incredible will to face the challenges and lead their company fearlessly through the toughest storms if they make up their mind.

The healer

The calmest of all entrepreneurs who believe in keeping a peaceful work environment is the key to develop and build. They provide the right nurturing and harmony to the businesses and have much smoother ways of dealing with the problems a business can face.

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